Thursday, August 23, 2007

ahhh, paris

this collage/ painting of the little french girl originated from someone's family album (an amercian)--a commission. i was to take photocopies of members of her family and create these collage/paint pieces 8" x 10"s so she could give them as xmas gifts. i saw this black and white photo of her sister standing on her lawn in the 1960 with an ugly haircut. i decided to dress her up with a strange hat and put her in my make believe french world of high rises made from french love letters.
i have always loved the result. i think this one is one of my favorite pieces.
one key is that i used as an underwash, the color burnt orange...

rene richetts and i are getting very excited about holding our first workshop in paris, france, february 2008. it will be a 4 day workshop plus sightseeing on teh 5th day - probably to the louvre. start saving your money and get your passports. i now takes up to 3 months to get your passport. we will start the sign up process in december!

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