Tuesday, August 14, 2007

this morning

i was advised to call kaiser at 7 a.m. to schedule a same day appointment with the"really hot" (see previous post "oh, my poor feet") primary care doctor...so i did. unfortunately they advise EVERYONE to call at that ungodly hour to get a same day appointment. so here we all are, sitting around like sick salamis with piped music in our pitifully painful heads for an hour tryng to get a appointment ...a telephone jam of sick people spreading germs into the wires. finally a person (i think it was a real person) comes on......asks for my name and home address...unfortunately for me, as it turns out, this morning i have laryngitis and can't communicate. i didn't realize this until the kaiser call. ("the kaiser call" sounds a bit world war 2, doesn't it?) in a ridiculous voice i breath that i need to see the "hot" doctor. (OK i didn't say "hot")
"oh you poor thing" purred the young girl at the other end of the phone (she must be on NY time - why is she so awake?) "well, lets see, i will have to send you to see doctor "not-so-good-looking" this morning because dr. hot is out sick with...........strep!!!!!!i"
AH-HA! i knew it. i knew i caught this diabolical disease from going to the doctor's office last week. isn't that ironic. but how did i contract it from "really hot" ? he wore gloves when he was handling my feet....honestly. (see previous post "oh, my poor feet") he is a doctor, afterall, he practices safe foot handling. hmmmmm
"doesn't it take a week for strep to show up, momma", my 12 year old interrupted my daydream, "i don't see how you both could have it at the same time..."
gawd, i must have been daydreaming aloud.
"good point, rosie" i like that she is smart. she shakes her head...and rolls her eyes...she thinks i'm pathetic.......about everything.

"and i don't think foot handling could be the cause..." my husband adds.
oh shit, he heard me daydreaming too.

well, hell's bells....i've got such a BIG mouth, even when i am daydreamin and have laryngiitis...
the reason i put a painting of "pretty kitty" up is because she is another cause of my nasal distress this morning (see previous post about zicam). pretty kity although small and petite can really crap-up-a-storm. i was taking her crap-pan to the trash (to put in a tidy plastic bag first)- today is trashday-when i realized there was no more kitty litter. dang who was the last person to put litter in the pan and not throw out the box? i really hate the empty box trick---it is sooo annoying. i am constantly saying, if you have used something up - please throw away the box. so this morning i had to do an emergency run to vons to get more kitty- shitty- litter. i don't like the clumping kind...so "pretty kitty" now gets to crap in "pearls". my gawd, she is very spoiled.
ok time for a nap- damn that early kaiser call. sorry about the potty mouth..i'm not feeling very good now....zzzzzzz

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