Monday, August 13, 2007

3 kings

well i must admit that to you, the reader, my life probably seems to carry along just swimming. new york show, NC PBS taping, couple of big local shows and now Italy.....seems pretty cool.
but, "Not so fast, wise ass" says the Good lord almighty......yep, you guessed it, another trick (see previous post, "juggling act") was played on me today by His Highest Highness.
so yesterday i thought i would spend some time working out at the gym - get my old body used to it since things are better under control now - schedule wise (thanks kathy o. and shelly, but mostly kathy) i am determined to diet off the excess and get fit. so i thought a little dab would do me. it wasn't too bad (.........except i really hate that old fat lady in the mirror who keeps looking at me - thats disturbing). i felt pretty good. that turned out to be a mistake....about 3 p.m. the nightmare started with a scratchy throat that turned aggressively into strep. at first i thought it was allergies and took meds for it. then i determined it was a cold - took meds for that- then i realized it was only a post nasal drip - i doctored that too. then the nightmare of the workout - my muscles- all of them- ached, i got a belly ache and fever. you are probably thinking - big deal, she has a cold.
well, this morning i had a doctor's appointment with my nephrologist that was already scheduled. i thought - i'm sure he can treat strep - right? i monster-walked into his office groaning loudly with a few dry heaves too.....i scared the nurse - she was totally afflutter, but turns out - he didn't want to talk about anything except my kidneys --- which we had nothing to talk about because we hadn't had labs done since may. what a waste of time. i said, look doc, i know you don't treat ordinary flu, but i am feeling really awful, can't you prescribe something for me? he said that he felt bad for me but, uh no, i needed to go back to my really hot primary doctor (he didn't call him really hot, uhm, i did). (see previous post, "oh, my poor feet") so, i groaned past the waiting room and down to have blood drawn for the nephrologist's report. i'm kinda grumpy by now and the blood drawing line looks as though its a line for the last rolling stones concert (same people who were in line for the "stones" first concert.)

here is one thing that really ticked me off. at kaiser there is a co-pay of usually $15.00--- you won't believe this, but the "take-in" desk won't make change for a $20!!!! i can't belive this. i mean what else do they have to do there? its not like they are also nurses and fumbling around looking for change in their tongue depressor pocket or thermometer pocket, while trying to balance a file in one hand and a urine specimen in the other. it appears to me that that is their only job...check you in - give change, slap a receipt on the counter and mumble to wait for your number. the same thing happened at the really hot docotr's check-in the other day and earlier this morning at dr. nephritis.

to be continued after dinner......

ok, i didn't eat dinner, i slept instead. ugh! one of those real dousie of a hotflash woke me up. i think my body is in revolt. anyway, turned out that the zicam i bought to prevent colds - a nose spray....i'm allergic to it. man-o-man thats painful. i had to wash my nostrils out under the bathroom facet -- and that was painful too. ah pooh, i'm too tired to finish this post. maybe i will feel better in the morning.
looks like i won't be heading up to stampington for a few days now. tomorrow is my daughters last summer day - then back to school. she has spent the last few days decorating her backpack and folders. so cute.

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