Thursday, August 2, 2007

PBS-mixed mdeia taping

today i went for the "dry run" at PBS for my taping of mixed media for tomorrow. it is so exciting. i was truly impressed. they had crispy cremes in the "green room". they had a "man" doing make up, live studio and long 300 foot hall. there was also a big stuffed groover from sesame street and other muppets we there too.
also there were studio hands, etc. very delicious. i met bernie berlin (wh was also an artist on callfor stampington) who was taping before me and also someone form jolees tiny die cut art elements.....
ALSO, i found out that during the flight my paints had EXPLODED. good thing there was a dry run today so that i could clean up my paints. i got my nails done today since they will do a hands close-up tomorrow.
better get beauty sleep.
i will break a leg tomorrow. i'm too excited. i hope i can sleep.


fredg said...

A really heavy work schedule plus a bout of summer "flu" kept me from wishing you bon voyage and best wishes for a safe trip. Since I didn't post the greetings you may blame the exploded paints on me, ok. You are definitely on your way to stardom with the public broadcasting gig being just a beginning. I love all the recent paintings and collages and I think I'll adopt them as mine. Hugs & kisses, f

lori said...

oh, it sounds so exciting! Thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog, good luck to you, love your work :)

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