Friday, August 3, 2007

it's a wrap

i had fun at the TV station today. i loved it actually. it will air next season. i will be in the last episode of paint, paper and crafts with sloan rutter, the last guest.

i did it in one take! i was kinda proud of that. there were a few times when i thought that i had screwed up - but kept going. one problem i precieved i had done worng had to do with my brand new acrylic nails. i kept clicking them on the tabletop while sloan was speaking. i didn't realize i was doing it at first. when i did realize it, i mildly panicked and looked straight into the cameras as to say help. i really thought it was distracting and fully expected the word "cut". that created a very bad interfering thought - and the thought that i was screwing up-- screwed me up even more ---it had a snowall effect. but i kept talking and demo-ing and then i would do it the damn clicking (or tapping, like the sound my nails make on the keyboard) again!!!! i couldn't control my new nails. by ths time i had a full on conversation in my head about the beadth and depth of my stupidity. of course during this exhaUSTING mental exchange i haDn't listen to a word sloan was saying.
next thing i know she is placing her hand on my shoulder to let me know that time was up.

can't wait to see how this comes out.

afterwards i apologized to sloan for the irritating noise - she said that it was no problem, the sound guy would take it out.
i also had a stray strand of hair problem before the shooting. i asked sloan if it would be ok if i could toss the hair out of my eyes every once in awhile, rather than pinning it back with an ugly clasp. she didn't understand me at first, she thought i wanted the makeup man again. i said, no, i just wanted permission to swing the hair out of my face if i needed to. she said ok, kinda baffed as to why i asked. i asked because i thought if i starting swinging my head around like that woman on the clean hair commercial who gives herself a whiplashed neck, she might get distracted. turns out nothing distracts sloan. i have some slight recollection of me pushing the hair behind my ears (ugh, i hate how i look that way too) while i was painting. at least i didn't do some spasmotic move.
as you can see, i replayed my taping over and over in my head...UNTIL lunch when i had to have a couple of margaritas to quench all my memory of it.

i loved the directo gary morton. very sweet man who asked me this morning if i could work upside down. i told him i hadn't done that in years but would give it a try. he chuckled and corrected me - he didn't want me to stand on my head---he wanted to know if i could paint with teh image upside down!!!! - oh i'm so silly. (it is better for the tv viewers tht way).

i would love to work in TV. its so immediate - you get a prep time, then the tapiing goes on for only minutes, really and your work is done! easy-peasy.
i will be exploring NC tomorrow with my family and my sister and brother in law. we had a huge celebrational feast tonight - lots of italian cooks in the kitchen. i gained another 85 or so pounds!
time for bed now..........

i think i ought to practice standing on my head from now on in case someone needs me to do that.

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