Monday, August 6, 2007

juggling act

just when i thought my life was going top speed....god has a joke to play......
this morning at 8:30 am i am hanging a show at adams ave. grill then at at 9:30 i teach for sd art department. as you know, i just got home yesterday from NC. i have been busy doing last minute painting, etc. with no time to think. this morning i decided to put another finish coat on ALL my paintings for the grill. it is about 6:30 in the morning. not transporting until 8 they dry fast, plenty of time.

so as i varnished each one i threw them onto the lawn to dry(i was in my knickers, i didn't think anyone would be watching me). i finished that then i started to type my price cards when the good lord gently nudged me and said, "think you got yourself pretty organized, huh? looks pretty good, why don't you go out and check if the sprinklers are on...."

OMG!!!! &FY%$#(YR)%%#@()^&^&whatthefudge(&^$%^&*dangnabit***&$@&*%$$^ - damn. yep everyone of them soaking and with pooled varnished.

the show must go on...i guess grill patrons will just have to wonder about me.

disclaimer: ok i guess sprinklers aren't really an act of god, just an act of stupidity.


fredg said...

Anyone who leads a reasonable hectic life has done "stupid" things that only with some hindsight can be viewed with a little humor. Hopefully the paintings were salvagable. Also, think about the fact that even if you couldn't paint at all you can write with much humor and insight and in a pinch you can sell your postings to the galleries. The PBS show sounds like it went great and that everyone had a lot of fun doing it. Be sure to let us know when it will be broadcast, what show it will be on, etc. lol, f

stephanie said...

Crazy story. But the paintings turned out fine so its all good... And they look really good in the resturant!

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