Tuesday, August 7, 2007

day's work done

i realize i am up too late for my own good tonight. i should have gone to bed early, but i couldn't - know why? because i am tired. the tired-er i get the less likely it is that i will fall asleep. uhmmm, maybe it was that large coffee i had at 8 p.m. too. that was a dumb idea.
i was up this(well, now yesterday) morning dealing with god's humor and the sprinklers in my underwear. (see previous post) i forgot to mention that i ended up in a panic placing my wet paintings on the front lawn in my knickers (they had been on the side yard out of neighbor's view...er, the paintings not my knickers) - a wonder the police didn't come by an arrest me. especially the way my neighbors across the street like to complain (see previous post regarding me babysitting my daughter's pitbull) - that was perfect police fodder for them - i guess they were still asleep. well, too bad for them, complain freaks.
anyway, somehow, my paintings ended up looking nice and fresh after they dried, i was able to brush off the excess water and varnish that for the manic moment looked like milk. heck, the canvases shrank a little and washed clean as a whistle.
er, i'm not advocating this technique however.
so my show is hanging at adams ave. grill. it will be up for a month. the grill is a wonderful eatery, BTW.
check it out:
after that, i taught some really cute kids collage at san diego art department. i will be doing that all week. are your kids enrolled there? do you know where your kids are tonight? ok, thats really none of my business.

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