Wednesday, August 22, 2007

nice hat weather, isn't it?

go, dog, go........say, do you like my hat?
you probably have to be a parent to know what i am talking about. "go dog' go" a dr. seuss like book, (see, my son's favorite bedtime story - almost until he went away to college.
anyway, this is a collage of my mom and her short friend in hats. i don't know where they were or what they were up to, but i can nearly guarantee that they had been to TJ, mexico. maybe even drinkin'.... why? to buy those hats, of course.

This is a smaller than ATC (artist trading card). ATC's are the most fun in the world to make - they are the size of baseball trading cards - you trade them not sell them. my art friend meredith comes over every other friday so that we can do art together. we happily chatter away while we spend our time creating ATCs. we can create quite a slew before the day is up, that way, we feel we have accomplished a lot.

usually, however, we make them and then don't trade them, because we both like our own work too much!!!! since we don't really trade them, we don't fuss too much if they are not quite the right size (or at least i don't care). so this one is smaller.
they are a great warm up to a day's work of creating. they are an instant way to "feel good about your art"...also when we do them together, we end up with a miniature body of work that we can critique of one another.
doing ATC's together also helps us feel relaxed enough to begin experimenting. a small format makes the experimenting more manageable.
more than once, while i have been happily working away, the table starts rocking dramatically and i look up and meredith is pounding away at her cards - stippling in ink or pounding it with a scraper - or like instrument. and same vice versa.
the way i make them is
1. make up some interesting backgrounds by experimenting with paints inks and other markings...then
2. i look through some magazines and try to find something that relates to the colors and shapes. this forces me to "see" differently. for example, the letter "y" also goes with a green aloe vera plant because they relate in shape. i will post the image. (see next post)
i have a ton i did awhile ago on my website under the name of small collages (

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