Saturday, July 21, 2007

stolen purse

Gawd frickin' damn it!!! i have spent all day looking for my purse, tenderly recounting the last moments i had with it. called the restaurant where we ate last night (di'leone's - was pretty good restaurant, i recommend the garlic steamed clam appetizer) to no avail.

so i have now called the creditcard services to have them blocked. my cell phone and $300 cash was in it plus some earrings my mother-in-law gave me. (that alone is the worse, those earrings had been in the italian family for ....i don't know, ever. oh boy!). ARGHHH!!!!
my cell phone was left on, so i have been able to call it.
no one has answered it. yet. i called sprint to see if they have a GPS system to locate lost or stolen phones, but they don't or at least we don't have that plan with them (although the sprint guy seemed kinda confused on this point) - BUT get this-- Sprint said that if i had the GPS system plan - i would have had to trigger a button on the phone to activate it...!!! how could anyone do that if their phone is stolen? what thief activates it for you?
well, this just ruins my day.
if you see a cute little Fossil multi-colored bag with a cute pink Katana cell phone in it and so old italian hoop earrings, $300 cash, er, my ID in a cute little black Gucci wallet (never realized until now that i buy brand names)and various blocked credit cards, please call me at home, not my cell. or email me at thanks everyone.


Kayley said...

Aw, that sucks. I was running yesterday to catch a bus and my Sync fell out of my pocket. It was worth $300 when I bought it (although I got it for $80). I went back to look for it once I realized it was gone, but it wasn't there. All that Cingular/AT&T said was that I'd have to buy a new phone.

I feel so bad for you. Katanas are so much cooler than Syncs, and you lost a bunch of other stuff as well.

I hope that you find it soon!

lisa bebi said...

hey, thanks for reading my blog. and you are cute with your red hair and braces!!!!- so do you sing??? (i saw your email addy)

as you may have read, my purse was found, what a horrible feeling while it was lost- it was totally disabling.

as soon as i got my purse back, i started calling all my friends! i probably bugged them.

then i had to recharge it.

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