Saturday, July 21, 2007

purse found!!!!

Di'Leone's called - they found it. it was in the back of the booth.
YAYYYY oh, what a huge relief. thank goodness....... oh....shoot now i need to have credit cards reactivated! but thats OK.
well, that was about 8 hours of hell.
and both my daughter and my husband went through hell with me, searching high and low.
now they just kinda look at me funny; like they are wondering how they will get me to go to the doctor for the alzheimers test.

deep breath. exhale. now i can paint again.

good news, everything and every cent was in my bag!! i will need to celebrate at di'Leone's with wine and garlic steamed clams.
i need to watch that i don't keep my car blinker on all the way there.

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