Thursday, July 5, 2007

sky express

darn another glare on the left side of this painting. really have to have a word with the photo dude. oh well, i hope you get the idea of this piece. this was going to be last year's xmas card, but i it was showing somewhere when i needed it for the photo shoot. this is a crazy piece of my mom and her brothers and a wife riding around in a convertible, but i made it into a giant xmas toy of the 1940-1950's. a rocketship on wheels. just one more way i have my mom flying the skies. (she's driving)
speaking of which, i have the freakiest fear of flying and i leave next week on jetblue. to make things worse, i fly back on jetblue on friday the 13th. holy momma, i'm coming for you!!! i sure hope no one gets the grand idea to fly into the trump tower, or something. i will be whiteknuckled all the way and nervously eyeing the oxygen mask holder. not to mention the nervous looks i will be giving teh left wing. i'm old enough to remember that one "twilight zone". hope the captain doesn't sound like ron serling.
one time, i flew to london and we had a drunk pilot. i know he was drunk because he sang all the way there. told a few corny jokes. also he said he was enjoying his hard liquor. that was a special cheap charter flight out of LA. that was also the one where the pilot had everyone (from the front of the plane) go stand in the back of the 747 for take-off. he informed us that they had over-fueled to make up time. the standers were the counter-balance. and thats the time i realized i can't stand airplanes. i wanted off the plane very badly-and you know one lets you off!!!!!--i really felt sure it was a bad day to fly. i think someone suggested i breath into a brown paper bag. i forget the rest...but i made it to london and back. somehow.

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