Friday, July 6, 2007

national TV!!!

OMG!!! looks like i am going to be on national TV with my art.
i just got accepted, i will be flying to north carolina next month for taping!!!!
it's cutter productions. i will let y ou know more as i find out more.

i better learn to drink and fly. i hate flying.


fredg said...

Wow! National TV. Any chance you'd wear a little lapel type button with my name and if you can't do that can you look in the camera and mouth "hi fred". What show will this be on and when? Tell 'em I'll buy whatever they advertise if you're allowed to wear the pin (just kidding). Oh don't worry about jet blue, they've lost very few planes and although they don't rate up there in customer satisfaction you'll be fine, well except for that Friday the 13th flight - - oh boy. I love the rocket ship motif - - is my mom in that painting? This blog probably isn't the place to do this but if you get stranded on the east coast or whatever the door is totally open to you. Got a spare bedroom done up in wild yellow colors, etc. and you're more than welcome to stay if you'd like (we could negotiate how many paintings for payment - just kidding again about the payment). lol to all (not kidding about that).

lisa bebi said...

hahahahha. you're too much fun.

i think i will work on the lapel pin. that sounds like a great idea!!! no, i'm sorry your rmom isn't in that one...but later in the 1970's i'm sure she would have made the flight on the sky express.

let me see .... i know i can make myself comfy in your wild yellow room.
your sister needs help getting on this blog.....
love ya,

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