Sunday, June 17, 2007

saturday - not in the park

looks like the blog post worked. yay. now i need to learn how to put up my paintings and photos....i asked my daugghter brooke how to put up photos since swhe has had a livejournal for years and years with tons of photos on her. (i will ask her permission to put her link on this one).
brooke told me to first get a free thing like and then she would step me through it.
i haven't done that yet.
instead i spent the day trying to dig out my art corner in the eating area of our house because we are expecting people over for dinner tomorrow night. i suggested that we all go to the argentinian restaurant in little italy that is soooo good, but no, my husband's friends (actually ex-clients) want to come over. i think their reasoning is that , well they know my husband's cooking is top rate (italian) but also there will be drinking to excess..... and cigar smoking is another priority. yeah, i don't know what the men will be doing........hahahahha, only kidding, i don't smoke cigars..........anymore!!!!
the ex-clients are from cuba and my husband is italian but was raised in new york city, he says that the cuban spanish is very refreshing to him , he understands it better than mexican spanish......

anyway, as i was putting away my art stuff and actually throwing out "stuff" (can't breath) deep breath, yes, i was able to throw away stuff. i got an overwhelming desire to sit down and create...i literally had to fight off this urge so that i could get to a finishing point. sooo, i never did finish --- because there is never going to be a is an ongoing cycle.
instead, at dinner i drank my wine and watched a movie. man, jude law is hot.
tomorrow the people won't come until 2...i think i can finish up in he morning, well, if i wake up.

having people over really crimps my style.....i do like the folks...only man, i have a big hankering for making a large painting.

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