Friday, June 15, 2007

my first post

i am new to blogging. in fact, this is my first attempt.
i have created this blog in order to communicate or share my ideas and experiements regarding the creation of my artwork, mostly. plenty of people ask me questions, so instead of writing each person back, i thought i would attempt to broadcast some of my techniques this way.

also, i would like to share some family stuff so that my relations can read it.

Todays news:
so, today, in the mail i received my business cards and tshirt from stampington that say i am an AOC, or artist on call. this means that i am hired to create works of art for the magazines. there is a certain quota of artpieces a year, that are due in a timely fashion and certain themes explored. i am very eager to get going.

right now, although it is beginning summer, it is time to do xmas stuff. it is hard to find xmas papers or cards or anything right now that would be fun to alter. luckily, i'm a pack rat. so in the next week i will be rummaging around in the depths of my hall closet to see what i can see. i will let you know how that develops.

today i shipped some of my art off to new york to the amsterdam whitney gallery/museum in chelsea, new york - the epicenter of the artworld. i'm so excited to have a show there next month. i was scouted out for this, i am proud to say, and was accepted after the curatorial committee reviewed my portfolio. the champagne reception for my shohw will be july 12. too exciting.

today i also palled around with my assistant kathy o. i have a studio in escondido california, which i truly love, but it is a 35 minute drive. that studio is primarily where i do my painting - canvas, large scale paintings. at home is where i do my magazine work..... so, we were busy busy busy looking for a space for me to create other than my dinner table over the summer months while the kids are home from school. i say kids, i have only one child left at home...i have two other grown ones that come home sometimes too, but my daughter, 12, has a best friend that is always here, so i say kids. anyway, kathy and i have been working on strategy - getting maximum work out of me while being with the girls. kathy is very good at keeping me on task. i tend to forget important stuff - like, oh yeah, school will be out next week. what to do what to do. i can't drive up to escondido everyday with the girls.
if anyone has any great ideas here, please do tell.
kathy thought i should have a portable work shed put into my back yard so that the kids could swim while i worked and that way the eating table in the dining room would be freed up. pleasant idea, but this is southern california - i think a shed might get a bit hot.
still pondering this problem. i presented the shed brouchers that i collected today from home depot to my husband. he was not as excited as i was about the idea of having it on our property. he thinks shed do not add value to the house. hmmm, i thought it would.
i'm going to hate this, but i think i might have to tell kathy that the shed idea is out ---- i think i better clean out the garage.

so i have finished my first post.......tomorrow i will write another one......see if i have got this posting business figured out.


Plain Jane said...

amsterdam whitney gallery/museum in chelsea, new york ----- WOW!! be sure and take pics and post them for us, your loyal blog readers!

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