Monday, July 23, 2012

the pride art show...

i was one of the few artists juried into the art display portion of the hugh event, Pride, in san diego.  i was awarded first place for my submitted piece "party of one" --- what an honor!
 recently, i have been doing abstracts and doing them on a larger scale.

abstracts are challenging because there is no definitive beginning or end.

for me, i just keep working until i feel comfortable with the piece or a deadline is up.........!! sometimes it works out that the deadline and me feeling satisfied with the piece come together.  in fact,  that's usually the way for me.

its not as easy as some may think to create compelling abstracts. i know to some people it looks like someone (the artist) threw paint on a canvas.  or some other dilly-dally.  not so.
the truth is the artist gets emotionally involved in the development of the piece - there actually is a back and forth communication between the two.  the painting wants a color here or there and the artist responds.

however,  (and very often) the artist's brain takes over the entire communication of the maturing project.    and all is lost to stilted, stiff and uncomfortable art.  This is when it loses it's spontaneity and  it's  liveliness and its purpose.  it becomes dull to the viewer.

i try to paint, listen and watch;  look for clues as to what the painting wants to do.  when i find myself trying to mastermind the piece, i quit for the day. i get back to it later when i am more receptive.

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Teresa said...

Congrats Lisa! Your work is beautiful.

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