Saturday, June 2, 2012


time for me to dress up and be proud.
both my daughters are graduating - my youngest (rosie) from high school.   and my oldest, brooke, from UCSD.   congrats to both.

rosie - she has been raking in awards lately - mostly she is being recognized as an outstanding scholar-athlete.

in fall she will start her freshman year at UCSD in  nano engineering also she will swim for UCSD.

congrats to my daughter brooke.  she is graduating from UCSD in (hmmm) cognitive science or something sorta similar
then, ....  congrats to brooke again as she has been accepted into the graduate program at UCSD.  she will study (hmmmm) latin studies or something similar....she will start this fall also.

meanwhile it's not graduation time for my son yet - he is in the phd program at SUNY buffalo for literature.  so i am reserving my congrats until he finishes.

i am very proud of my kids - i will dress nicely and wear my fashionable gloves to both my daughters' graduation ceremonies - it will be an honor.

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carlanda brown williamson said...

congratulations to rosie and brooke! you raised two wonderful young ladies! xoxo

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