Sunday, April 8, 2012

something blue......

Zinc oxide nanoscale cylinders could be the basis for an inexpensive new kind of light emitting diode. (Credit: UCSD)
what is this?  well, this is an example of the type of studies  my daughter rosie will undertake at UCSD starting this fall - nanotechnology.  Nanotechnology is a relatively new field that explores molecular structures at nano scale.  the Jacobs School of engineering at ucsd is internationally recognized for their discoveries and many patents.  She has been accepted into the program.

now i am truly a proud mom of 3 scholars.  brooke is in the graduate program at ucsd -  international studies. 
my son, jamie, is in the phd program at SUNY buffalo in writing and literature.  (sorry jamie and brooke i don't know exactly what you two are doing with your education).................i'm a bad momma.

and me..........i'm a tired, old but fulfilled momma. 
i am just hoping the world doesn't end this december....that would suck.

also happy easter everyone - this pic could be of easter basket grass (err, if you had my imagination).

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