Monday, April 30, 2012

day after the weekend.........

i'm as pooped as this little child oyster shucker after my weekend showing/selling work at "art walk" in little italy, san diego.  There were so many, many artists, my head was spinning (i mean, faster than normal -spinning).  i couldn't  even walk the entire event - it was overwhelming.  and it was street -after -street big.

i have one criticism, or perhaps a personal preference........i wish all the venders of art, the mass- produced- from -china type art from outside our community would disappear and have their own art walk.
 as i meandered the streets of little italy, i noticed mostly that sort of art - maybe i am being oversensitive about it.....but it irks me.

i shared a booth with mollie kellogg and her family of artists called "creative spiritworks".  mollie's art is not only fresh off her easel, it's unique, sensuous and compelling.   Her works, as well as the rest of us in "creative spiritworks" (ahem), are all authentically created -from our hearts and minds; obviously not mass produced.  i think one could see/feel the sweat, energy and maybe a little angst poured in each piece.
not to brag or just seemed  lacking in other booths.

i feel  the vender "artist" had a mind set of  "since florals are big sellers this year, i will have a floral design  (template) in every color under the sun",  fresh from china.

i love our local community of artists here in san diego.  everyone's work is their own.  i know that's a big fat generalized statement, but it seems true.  most great local artists i know are still experimenting or "evolving" in their work.  maybe not in drastic steps, but the growing intelligence is there on canvas, for all to see; it's the history of their personal growth.

i'm sorry about my little rant.  thanks you for letting me get it off my chest.

as for you local artists - your work is really priceless and to be cherished.

*end of rant*.

oh, and i love my little oyster shucker - such a serious little being and hard worker for sure.  her shucked oyster shells are barely noticeable - to her right.

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John said...

Glad you and Mollie had a good weekend. I agree about the size of AW because I could not walk it all last year. I have the feeling that the organizers think bigger is better. That is why they are so willing to take the dealers selling art mill goods.
In this case, the power to change lies in the hands of the artists. If producing artists stop paying the outrageous entry fees then soon the organizers will only be left with swap meet quality goods.
Oops, sorry, my rant.
Look forward to seeing you again.

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