Saturday, April 21, 2012

aunt lilian

my aunt lillian, my dad's sister, was my favorite aunt.  she had a very quiet way about her, yet a big sense of humor - it was often dry, so i had to pay attention to know when she was joking.   then i would be brought to tears in laughter.  she loved adventure - not necessarily adventure by traveling but adventure as the way life unfolded itself for her.
 my mother and aunt lillian became close friends about the time my brother and i came along.  do sister -in -law usually get along so well?
 i feel very blessed to have had my aunt's input on most every major decision of my life.  marriage, boyfriends, child rearing and quiet advise regarding my mother/ daughter relationship.  she had  solid morals and a different, but practical point of view.  she sometimes disapproved of my judgment, but mostly she gave me the thumbs up.  her quiet comments made a bigger impression on me than anything my own folks had said.  at least it seemed so.
 she was like having my dad around for womanly advise.  if that makes sense.

she passed away a couple of years ago  - she was in her 90's.  a good long life.  i will always remember when i went to visit her just before she died - she still had that sparkle in her eyes - a bit mischievous - it was her dry humor again.  i couldn't help smiling and telling how much i loved her.  somehow i  think she felt satisfied with her life, as it came to full circle.  a new dimension, an adventure awaited her - a new lease on life.....

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mette laumann said...

I love the sister art ;)

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