Monday, March 19, 2012

artfest 2012...

 (This is an example of the "oversaturated polaroid look")

I am so excited yet sad to be teaching at Artfest 2012 next week.  (March 28-April 1).  Excited because it is just so cool to go to Artfest 2012 with its  a great artsy vibe.  But sad because this will be the very last artfest as Teesha Moore (founder) is moving in a new direction.  Just what that direction is, she doesn't even know.  But it's time, her gut tells her.

Artfest is in Washington State, Port Townsend at Fort Warden.  The fort has been a luxurious place to teach.  Yeah sure its a fort and all, but the facility is very cool.  The rooms are ample sized and warm.  Although there are multiple classes going on at once, it never feels crowded.  And it never feels lonely. It's just right.
My two classes have been full for many months, but there are wonderful teachers - other classes.  inspiration is in the air.   Most attendees report that their newly acquired inspiration and excitement lasts for more than a year.
Lodging is available in the bunkers at the fort or of course in town in a motel.  I always opt for the local motel, it's right on the water and inexpensive.  Plus I bring my husband - he spends those days working on his laptop and occasionally watching ferries cross to Seattle and back.  It's nice.
So why am I going on and on about Artfest when it will be the last one and my classes are full?  Well, because there is a bit of time left to register, ( and I know a lot of artist types do like to do things at the art minute).  Its just so fulfilling to be part of the vibe.

Come visit me during lunch, in fact, come sit at my table with me.

So,  let the indulging begin.


Angela Rae Barribeau said...

And I am so glad and happy that I was able to come sit by you at lunch! :) I like your writing!

lisa bebi said...

you are special to me. we must have been sisters in another life.
thank you for taking my breath away with your gift painting.

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