Friday, September 2, 2011

angela barribeau's work

all the way from eau claire, wisconsin - a FB friend.  one reason her work caught my eye is because of her unusual colors. looks like she is using a transparent quinacridone red or magenta paired with an opaque pale blue --on top of her underlying ocher yellow.
my favorite one is the top one - i love how these two colors work with the opaque blue anchoring the red.
here's what she said:

I had never saturated paper and worked with the wet technique, and was challenging to me, to force myself to work with big brushes.  I know you joked about it on your dvd, but it turned out to be a good thing, very freeing.  I also was timid to work fast, but your techniques forced me to not over think, but to just go for it! 

I also dug out my color wheel and chose my color combinations by using that tool. 

her advice to others who have bought my instructional dvds is:

 So, I learned a lot, and my advice, would be, make multiple copies of what you supply us with, for an image, and sit with your laptop nearby, playing the video, and painting along with you... and do it over, and over, and over again, until you start feeling free with your brushstrokes and process.


angela took lessons from my instructional  "oversaturated polaroid look" and "rosie in the garden" dvds.

she has made me proud
 ......... and i know she thought it was fun because she told me she had made dozens of others.  (sounds like the way i work, too).

check out more of her lovely work:


Angela Barribeau said...

Thank you Lisa! You've been kind and generous with your critique of my work! I'm tickled that you liked what I was able to achieve! You're a great teacher!

Anonymous said...

I just purchased this lesson last night. I've been looking at your blog for a while. I can't attend Artfest because I work for CPA. Artfest is always scheduled right in the thick of things and know I would never be allowed to take off for it. I think what finally got me to buy the "Oversaturated Polaroid Look" lesson was that I kept seeing over and over that your teaching was successful over and over. All these students could not get such wonderful results with out a great teacher. I look forward to receiving my lesson.
Kind regards,


Joy Logan said...

most impressive students and artists Lisa you are a fabulous teacher!

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