Wednesday, July 13, 2011

delicious italian pastries...(remembering gubbio)

in the small village town of gubbio, umbria, italy there are only a few pastry shops.  very little in square footage, but huge in variety of sweets.  this young girl is showing some of our very own selection  of what we intended to eat at lunch that day...  we promised to put her photo on my blog.  i think she didn't really care if i did or not, but it was an exciting conversation, she liked the idea of having her pic in on the wed from an southern california fan.  still. not as exciting, admittedly, as getting these pastries cream filled little bliss bites of heaven home for lunch...the top photo shows just one of the display counters.  the shop is small only one or two families could squeeze in at a time to make the important decisions. in our family  (9 people at the time) we each had our own input as to what to get.  the pastry tray she is holding was only the very beginning of our choices.  decisions like these require a family committee.  italian families don't often agree on most issues - but pastries are another story.
on them we can agree because we each know there really is no such thing as a bad pastry.

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