Friday, April 15, 2011

"oversaturated polaroid look" snippet

taught at ARTFEST 2011-
(fast paced by x8 and soundless after intro)

the Oversaturated Polaroid Look DVD workshop by lisa bebi *

in this snippet i am painting a certain dreamy-like background. also i show how i achieve skintones on the overpixelated photocopy.

not shown, but in this dvd workshop you learn to saturate a photocopy in preparation to paint. how (and why) to select certain colors, how to create your own background paper and how to flawlessly mount a piece of painted paper onto a support. also,  i demonstrate how and why i paint the way i do. 

all my workshops are developed so that anyone could do them using the cheapest of materials. along with the DVD comes the image, written instructions and a materials list of very affordable supplies.

*she is only an artist and not professional videographer - just sayin'.

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