Thursday, April 28, 2011

ho-hum...back to italy i shall go.......

our family is leaving for a 3 week stay in italy, first of june.   this year. yes.  like in a month or so....i just found out.   these "visiting"vacations just pop out of nowhere - a family visit - after all my husband was born in the village seen above.   gotta love the family.  and i really do.  gotta see the family and so we shall.

we are also going to check on the family farm - see top picture.  life is tough.  i'm probably going to have to eat my mother-in-law's cooking ........oh dear,  poor me...... :)
just looking at these pics makes my mouth water.
maybe this year i will learn to speak italian.......doubtful.  i'm a bone head that way.
so i guess i will begin packing at the end of may........gotta pack light  nowadays - since airlines have gone berserk and are out of control about luggage weight.  sigh.
*slurp* did you hear that? *slurp*  that's me practicing eating pasta.  i think there is a special trick to the sucking-up-into-mouth motion.   it takes practice, skill and lip agility.


Christina Carnoy said...

Indeed, life is tough!!! :)

Carmen said...

Wow, have a great time!

Susan said...

Can y'all adopt me?

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