Friday, March 18, 2011

my childhood..

i was always fascinated with my father's office - more exactly - his typewriter.  he was a newspaperman.   he typed extremely fast with 2 fingers.  i still have the typewriter table and the chair but unfortunately not the old typewriter.
the red china marker lines were my dad's way of editing a picture to go to press.

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Deb said...

Just found your blog and was reading a few posts from March--stopped in my tracks on this one. My dad was a sportswriter for our local newspaper back in the 1950s and he, too, typed extremely fast with just his two index fingers! After he passed, the only thing I wanted was his old Royal typewriter, but it had been discarded; I actually purchased one exactly like it on eBay. It's not the same, and yet, it makes me smile.


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