Tuesday, March 15, 2011


sometimes a sea and buoys appear.


Tess said...

I can't tell you what I seen. Let's just say it involved a little boy and watering the garden. LOL! I don't know where my mind was. Can you imagine the shock factor 9before I read the post)? I looked away and then back and yep, a sea and some buoys. I like abstract art because I can look at a piece and see something and then go to see it again and see something different.

lisa bebi said...

well dang tess. i can't see the little boy peeing. is it the right side in off white?
a couple of times that has backfired on me. often when people say the see something i my paintings i will never see them the same again. i will always see what somebody else sees. like the boy peeing - except i don't see that yet. LOL!

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