Wednesday, February 16, 2011

wrapping paper redo........before and after...

wrapping paper indicating my daughters love of dalmatians when she was in kindergarten in 2000.  i liked it but i wanted something a bit more vintage looking and softer.

maybe not wonderful, but at least it has my palette.  i could use this as background to a vintage portrait of a child.

xmas wrapping paper from 1980's....
what would happen if i painted it like this:

nothing much except now i could easily use this in one of my painting as background element.  again it has my very own palette and my very own weird brush strokes.

this handsome gray-toned paisley, i decided to eliminate a lot of background and make it an even more handsome earth tone.

 with and without colored interior paisley design.

so this might not have produced my best work ever, but i enjoyed the experiment and the surprise the change made.


Alison said...

Hi Lisa
I really like the paisley paper! Somehow it reminds me of aboriginal art...maybe it's the colours. Hope you are well.

lisa bebi said...

me too alison. i was thinking that. funny how paisley (makes me think of india) can easily turn to aboriginal art by blocking out a few detais!

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