Monday, February 21, 2011


i know most of you do not have outdoor swimming on your mind right now, but here in sunny san diego........ok, ok, i won't brag about the weather.
today will be the last day of a grueling 4 day championship swim meet for my daughter rosie.  the swim meet has heats and finals - saturday we were poolside from 7 a..m. to 7 p.m.  this is very hard on my husband and i.  oh and rosie too, i guess!
it's a national ranked meet in la jolla.  teams have been bused here from all over the state.
today rosie has her best event, 200 yards breaststroke.  we shall she what she does.
high school swim starts this week too.  we will then have even more meets to attend.


moonwoman said...

I really like the colors that you used for this image. It has a vintage appeal.Fingers crossed for Rosa!

Anonymous said...

Well done Lisa and Husband! Swim meets are grueling for both the swimmer and those in the cheering section. I'm sure your daughter appreciates your support and dedication. My AAU swimming was only in summer. Mom was at every meet, Dad only went to our home team meets (maybe 1) and the rough water swim. But you have year-round swimming, Crazy, Whew!

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