Wednesday, January 5, 2011

paris workshop photos - renee's session

renee is here teaching metal books and cracking jokes.  its always a pleasure to take a class from renee.  first is safety, then "there can never be too many holes"...........which was her mantra about making holes in the tincan books along with "more is more".

er, maybe it was "you can never have too many holes" which would be my mantra about me head.


Christina Carnoy said...

LOL Lisa!!! I'm so glad to have met you because now I really get your humor and can visualize you saying this stuff!!!

lisa bebi said...

christina - it was such a pleasure meeting you. i can't tell you how good it feels to hear that SOMEONE gets my humor! i get your humor as well.
can't wait to see you again.
BTW, i LOVE the gifts you gave me (all of us) i was unpacking last night and enjoying them very much.

priti.lisa said...

wee bit jealous. I am.
but happy for all. looks like so much kooky fun...and learning and sharing...I would have been a big sponge soaking it up. Oh...if only.

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