Thursday, January 27, 2011

my baby girl got her drivers license.....

the baby is driving.
oh my.
rosie took her driver test yesterday and got her license.  this is great.  she is a careful driver, i am proud of her.  now what?
first the insurance - how much is that going to be?  next the car she is inheriting from her big sister.  very nice of you brookie.  how much will that be to fix up?   then, and most importantly, will i be able to say goodbye as she takes herself to swim practice and school and swim meets.......?  her swim schedule has been a killer, i admit.  its immediately after school 5 days a week.   she has to gulp down her lunch - then a 30 minute  drive to the beach (she swims in a pool there).  next,  her practice lasts generally between 2 - 3 or so hours.  this is a big, big time commitment, but she loves it.  its her choice.
if i can grow up and let her go it will be allowing me  an extra 5 hours a day!  imagine that.  5 hours a day - 25 hours a week, that's easily a part time job.
so for me; it will be allowing me more time to create and to create some more.
we will see.

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