Saturday, December 18, 2010

daily painting...shakespeare bookstore paris

when my oldest daugther, brooke was pretty young - about 18 years old,  she traveled by herself through europe - working wherever she could.  when she got to paris she stayed and worked for the owner of the shakespeare bookstore.  she had to work as a painter for her keep.  a wall painter that is.  i don't remember how long she managed to stay there.  it didn't seem too long - maybe a month.  she loves loves loves to read - so this was a perfect place for her to stay.  it was full of other young travelers too she said.  i guess it is a "sortof" youth hostel.  she later decided she didn't really like it so much in paris.  she said the parisian men were mean and interfering and flirty.  i believe here is a story of where she got into a fist fight with one of them.  that's my brooke.
anyway, she ventured on to gibraltar - "the rock", and worked for a man who owned a large fishing vessel.   i believe she worked as bartender even though she was totally under age and didn't know the first thing about mixing drinks.  and unbelievably that was her longest gig.  she had tons of great stories to tell me when she got home - one of my favorites is the time she was chased up the shear rock by some pesty monkeys.
maybe she will read this and tell her stories here.  i hope i hope i hope.


David Alton Dodd said...

Monkeys. That explains a lot about your lovely daughter ;)

Joy Logan said...

Did you paint over this pic also Lisa???

Brooke said...
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