Thursday, November 11, 2010

a wintery paris painting a day.......

french dress forms - who does not love them?   i wouldn't mind 7 or 8 of them lined up in my house.  i could decorate them like christmas trees.  OR:  i could drape art from them - jewelry or garlands of candy or lights.
  i could open one up in the front and make it into a secretary desk.   
i could use one as a hat tree or coat rack.  
i could make one into a clock.   
i could put a small refrigerator in one or make on into a lamp.  that would be fun.  make a french dress form out of a translucent  dried rabbit skin and put a light bulb inside it.
OR:  it would be fun to use on as a projection screen for home movies.

one could be made into the character karen from spongebob square pants.  or the maid in the jetson's.  i think her name was rosie the robotic maid.

the dress form would look good collaged or painted in bold colors.  or even colored in a vintage tea stain color and plastered in old love letters like french correspondence or old pictures.  OR: one could be used as a boa holder or a scarf holder. 
or,  it could be stripped to its wires and made into a birdcage.

a couple could be made out of cement with a wire running between them, placed in the garden to hold up creeping vines.  hopefully old zinfindel vines.  or a fountain spout.
one could be placed one the roof with directions attached to the top to use as a weather vane.

there are so many things one could do with a french dress form.  but mostly it would just be fun to have at least one left as is for a cool display or conversation piece.  no home should be without one.


Elizabeth Seaver said...

Fun painting and creative post!

Crowville said...

It makes me wish I'd never gotten rid of mine. By now it would have been truly vintage! Now I want several to do just what you were thinking. Very creative..

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