Tuesday, November 9, 2010

getting excited for paris........

can't wait until our paris artist retreat. oh, sure it will be probably be a bit nippy- i hope even snowy - but it's so beautiful this time of the year.  and romantic.  i hope to spend new years eve on top of the Eiffle tower with my honey and my daughter. 
if you are considering going on the paris retreat with us (pam carricker, renee richetts and me), you will not be let down.  not only is it one of the least expensive ways to visit paris you will have the extra coolness of hanging with artists who actually know paris and can help you see what you would like to see.  you will experience delicious home cooked french meals. 
many of us are bringing our high school aged teens along who will be on school break and of course our husbands or S.Other.  so extra said family members will (probably) not be involved in the workshop but will be on hand to hang out together (the teens) and/or see paris with their dads.  my husband is fluent in french and can help accommodate all.  he loves to eat, drink and go to museums.
there's individual housing for each family, but you may come with a friend and share or contact us about sharing with others.  you don't have to have a family/husband/significant other to come.
so bundle up and wear your fancy gloves - you know you got them for a reason......
paris 2010 -workshop days dec. 28-29-30, 2010
for more info email rrichetts@cox.net
goggle pam carriker's name if you don't already know her fine work.
www.lisabebi.com for mine and renee's work is on facebook.
we have all have had our work highlighted in Somerset Studios numerous times.


Ginger*:) said...

This sounds like the most amazing adventure. Love the fancy gloves~

Heather said...

Have a wonderful time. Maybe someday!!!! I can always dream!

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