Sunday, November 21, 2010

daily painting....wintery paris

note to self:  when painting wintery paris scenes it is imperative to include a vintage vogue piece.  n'est pas?  well,  i think so.
but what does it mean?  this is some kind of blouse.  i can't be sure if the top itself is a tutu or just a very large tulle collar.   in any event, it is hardly appropriate for the snow.  
but it is so oo la la and so paris.  back exposed, high heels, large rimmed black hat and pedal pushers.  and please don't forget the yellow gloves  - so what about that is appropriate?  or what about this is not inappropriate?  matters not, really - fashion is like art - when it comes to creating there are no rules.
i'm not letting my daughter wear this, though.



Probably one of my favorites to date...this is really beautiful!

froogal said...

Love this one too!

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