Saturday, November 27, 2010

daily painting...moulin rouge

i love the night lights surrounding the moulin rouge.  just below are art galleries and street venders preparing thin crepes filled with anything you like as you watch them work with ease.  my favorite is nutella. and sometimes nutella and bananas.  depending on how hungry i am and how many i have already had that day.


Christina Rogers said...

Oh my Goodness! This morning I had an appointment by the Blanche metro stop and when I walked up the stairs to the street I was pleasantly surprised to see the Moulin Rouge!!!! Live!!!! In person!!! Looking super-chic of course! How funny! See you in a month at the workshop here!!!

lisa bebi said...

christina, that's so awesome. i am so excited about coming next month i can hardly think of anything else.

Quilterin said...

I too am so much looking forward to these days in Paris and getting to know you and everybody else and of course Pam im person and not just from her on line classes!

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