Friday, October 29, 2010

i never get sick of sharing the photos of umbria

lunch on the hill between gubbio and perugia.

a cathedral of gubbio -   no shortage of art here.

umbria is in the calf of italy.

 the fields of sunflowers are here in the summertime.   oceans of them.

this is on the road to perugia - the land of delicious chocolates.  and an international university.  it is about a 20 minute drive to the south from gubbio on the way to rome, siena or assisi.  it would only be a 10 minute drive if it weren't for these lovely rolling hills.  but the beauty is heavenly.

map of umbria.  notice tuscany is to the west.  gubbio is in the north east.  scheggia is such a small town it doesn't even get on this map - but it is north of gubbio by a couple miles.   assisi is not even an hours (fetching) drive south.   st. francis walked to gubbio to talk to wolves.

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Anonymous said...

so one question,
why aren't you *living there*!??!

;D hugs!

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