Thursday, August 19, 2010

the winner of my facebook art challenge...

by Kim Tedrow's bathing beauty.  every once in awhile i hold a challenge on the lisa bebi art facebook page.  the winner wins a painting of mine.  fair enough, right?
i make up a topic and give the participants about a month to jpeg something to me so that i can upload it on my facebook page.  this time the theme was retro bathing beauties, last time it was the color orange.
i get lots of amazing work with interesting descriptions of their personal techniques.  its very cool.
if you have a facebook account, "friend" me if you would like to take part in the challenges or simply see whats going on.  if you don't have a facebook account but would like one - they are free and easy to follow directions on how to become a member.  
i have 2 accounts.   one is my personal account called lisa bebi and the other is the art account called lisa bebi art.   that way i don't bore my die-hard art friends with stories about my family and life.  and i don't bore my personal friends with a list of my upcoming workshops.  makes sense, right?
so congrats to kim tedrow from nebraska.  i really liked your flame red piece.


Tess said...

Congrats to her ! That piece is awesome....

priti.lisa said...

Beautiful work!
I think I'll pop over to face-book.
Never really got into it...well, never say never.

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