Thursday, August 12, 2010

webstream demo art

this image did not come out as it looks in person - in person the skin does not appear yeloow.  perhaps it came out like this because i photoed it on my deep red carpet.  i will photo it again in the morning and see.
but anyway......i just want to thank you for watching me on the webcast -  i really had no idea what that was going to be like - it's community TV that was filming for local TV to air at a later date after editing, etc. but for the first time they decided to also stream it so that is why you saw everything.

  admit i was stressed waiting for it to go "live" because they were running late and i had told everyone the air time was 8:00 p.m. - it actually started to air around 8:20, i think.
but get this, there were 3 cameras and since it is community tv -  volunteers operate everything.   there were two little girls ages 9 and 13 on operating 2 of the 3 cameras.  incredible.  i was totally impressed with them.
so anyway - they asked me to come back.....
they asked me back.... lisa


Studio Sylvia said...

Glad it all went well Lisa. I got time differences between San Diego and Melbourne, Australia mixed up. By the time I got to the web it was actually 10.37pm your way, so I had well and truly missed it. Bummer!

lisa bebi said...

not to worry studio sylvia: i think i will be able to upload it here.

Karen said...

Oh, I missed it too. I hope you're able to upload it to you blog. Would love to see it!

Karen said...

Oh, I missed it too. Hope you're able to upload it to your blog. That would be great...looking forward to seeing it!

priti.lisa said...

I WISH, WISH, WISH my bedtime wasn't 10pm...Bummer...I couldn't wait, although I tried. ZZzzzzzzzzzz. My loss. I regret.

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