Wednesday, August 11, 2010

watch and chat with me as i paint LIVE on your computer. it's free - open to all

Please tune in and chat with me this thursday night, 8 p.m. PST,  August 12 on community TV and live streaming.
Live "Paintover" Demo
to watch and to chat and then roll over the  live!.jpg icon it will say "live!" in the top right hand corner of the screen and once the screen opens you will see "on the air".   click it to join.

1. find image tat appeals to you from a magazine
2.  tear out and place on work table

3.  add a little paint on your palette, remember the painting is not that big no need to waste paint.  i used warm white, orange and yellow.  the cheaper acrylics work best for this project.
4.  add warm white to tiny bit of yellow and paint dress
5.  sometimes i scribe using the back of my brush
6.  painting in backgroud or negative space with orange
7.  finish by adding a bit of orange into the yellow dress


priti.lisa said...

I am more excited than I can express...I have seen your work and it is fan-tab-u-lous!
I only hope I have te computer skills...what seems easy to everyone, is a challenge for me technically.
I am so happy to have found you...or vice-versa :)
Shine On...
you are so admired. And inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa i love your work and have u on my google reader, im in australia so not always around for your videos is this one going to be shown again , i hope so lol

cheers bev langby

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