Monday, August 23, 2010

i'm a winner! grumbacher awarded me 2nd place....

for having the most students in all michaels classes.   i tied for second.  anyway as a prize i was awarded a set of their new MAX water miscible oil colors.  what a nice selection.  i am going to try them out right now since it is too hot to use my acrylics.   i hope they behave the way they are suppose to - if so, i might switch for good.  i will keep you posted.
they are suppose to feel and act just like oil paints yet thin and cleanup with water - they are professional grade.  not safe around children as they have some pigment toxins as most quality paints do.

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priti.lisa said...

Of course you're a winner...everyone knows that. I am really curious for your reaction on these paints. Even if they are worth tying, I'll have to go on-line. Our Micheal's SUCKS!
It is just like a kindergarden craft room...which is fun, but they don't carry any artist's supplies.

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