Friday, August 27, 2010

chicago! here i come!

i have never been to chicago, so i am excited  to be teaching a workshop (family paintover) in a few weeks, september 16. 
  i will be teaching in an area called elmhurst.  or at least that is where my host the lovely and talented linda weber lives.   i met linda in paris as she came to the paris retreat 2008.   we became fast friends.  well, whats not to love about linda.  and she is an avid paintover artist.

if you live in the  CHICAGO area and are interesting in joining in the upcoming 4 hour workshop, email me.  (paypal button on my sidebar, $65).   there's still plenty of room as we are meeting in a big museum.
email me for more details or contact linda weber at 4

BTW, i host the 3 day paris retreat with my art buddy renee richetts. (this year our retreat will be late dec. we are hoping for the new year's celebration atop the eiffle tower and we have included a third teacher, pam carriker).  cost only $450 for the 3 day workshop

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