Sunday, August 15, 2010

brand new artist..never shown before...

once in a while a new artist comes along and really takes my breath away.  this is anita rose.  she has been painting in her closet for a number of years, not showing anyone beyond family.
when i saw her work my jaw dropped.  watercolor is a medium that requires one to "work it and let it".  generally my experience has been that an untrained newbie artist will have stiff work - or an overworked piece.
not anita rose.

anita is an intuitive painter - she puts paint down then watches and waits to "hear" what it says to her then she decides how to go from there.  it's like she helps the watercolor paint itself - she a mere guide for creators from beyond the heavens.  she is a conduit.  its not easy letting that happen.  i know i have looked for artists like her for years.
does this not look like the painting appear on its own accord?  thats how i view it.

anita rose is a tender soul - quiet, unassuming,  physically small in size.
if you saw her you might not even notice her.  but the well of her spirit runs deep.

she genuinely wants good for all of her family, sweethearted to her core.  she is even a poet.  i love her deeply.  you see, anita rose is my cousin.

please join me in welcoming her to the art world.  love, lisa


Julie said...

Beautiful paintings and I love the colors. Welcome to the art world, Anita Rose. The art world will be a richer place now that you are here. Hugs, Julie

Robin said...

They are gorgeous...I love the middle one the best....beAuTiFuL..!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lisa,

Your beautiful words so accurately describe a very talented artist who we both know and cherish immensely. Anita's water colors are so delightful but knowing her inspiration and technique makes them all the more enjoyable. Thank you for sharing this within your artist's community. Finally, I would like to add that her creations are truly priceless because my only involvement in her work is to try to prohibit her from selling her originals for any price. I think my sister deserves a lot of credit and I think she's probably pleased with the recognition that you've provided.

Your cous & Anita's loving brother said...

With a name like "Anita Rose"---you are destined for the art world!!! You don't even have to make up a name.

I am a watercolor artist, and I appreciate the crispness of your work and the wonderful use of water to complete the pieces. We not only welcome you---we embrace you...can't wait to meet. Maybe we can paint together. geo.

froogal said...

What amazing talent and such a personal style. I am inspired to start working with watercolor again after seeing Anita's work. I especially love the fruit and vase still life...WOW!

Liz-AnnasOnTheLake said...

What beautiful work. What I always wished my watercolours could be but I never got past the stiff, overworked stage. I love the fluid grace in this pieces.

Joy Logan said...

Lovely pieces!

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