Thursday, July 1, 2010

thinking of winter during the summer

i like this little piece.  i sent it into somerset studio.  i hope they like it too.
its hard to think of winter during the summer but thats what you need to do for publishing. 

i like this piece.  i think what i might also do with it is transfer it to cloth and then make a small fiber collage.  won't it be coooool to also incorporate it into a quilt -  winter theme?  i could see using the turquoises and blues, but also so cooled down yellows and oranges as in the collar of the girl on the right and the yellow in the stain on the paper that reads "sisterhood".
in person the painting has many other underlying colors that could be picked up as well.  there's a  greenish brown and lighter green and also i would match up the sort of black in their hair - almost a dark blue gray.

all my life i have wished i had a sister.  *sigh*

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papermoongoddess said...

Oh my goodness, you quilt too?! Very nice. Love the palette.

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