Sunday, May 23, 2010

so this week....

(family news catch up)
my daughter brooke was accepted into UCSD with a full ride (except housing).  she is thrilled and relieved and happy all at once.  me too.  i'm so happy for her because i know how much she wanted this and i know she will be an even greater contributor to our general culture and humanity one day soon.  she is studying linguistics - i know she will do important research papers and writings, probably lectures.  she is a great investigator anyway with all the work she has done in international news for the past 10 years.  can't do too much better than that for prep work.
next week is her birthday - i will engage in merriment with her at her local pub.   it will be nice.

my son jamie is visiting from buffalo, NY (who has a full ride plus salary).  he studies and writes in the area of literature and psychology.   or the study of psychology found in/through literature   it seems to me a bit of a quirky combo, but, turns out it's very interesting.   he told me he doesn't always like snow.  and sometimes he even yells at it. (then he gave me a cheeky smile - he grew up on monty python humor) but he is better now that he bought snow boots.  i hope they don't look like the ones napoleon dynamite wore and danced in.  jamie also informed me that there is an apparent fashion code for how long into the warmer months you should wear them.  this might sound obvious to those of you who did not grow up in southern california.
rosie swam her CIF - high school championships today-- she  placed 7th and 9th in her individual events.  not exactly what she hoped for but better than a poke in the eye.  she did her best times of the year - but last year she was faster and that part made her steaming mad.  there's always a good lesson in not quite achieving your sought after goal.  only makes you more determined.  and then of course you appreciate the sweetness of success even more.  those days should be cherished.  sometimes we don't stop and bask enough.  that aside,  she did look beautiful in her long race swimsuit - it has nice pink stitch.

i learned from a high school art student who came here at the studio on friday to intern with me - about "streaming" tv.  so i tried it last night.  it was cool.  its at  (as in "...this just in...", you know, like a news flash).  anyway,  i think you have to sign up for a free membership in order to watch it.  i don't know how to work the audio yet.  just practicing for the big day when i go online with my workshops.  one day.  one day soon.  i keep saying.  but really one day soon.

also, interestingly, i have had a lot of offers outside my town to do workshops.  for instance there's: washington state (an island), france, italy, greek isle, canada island, chicago, new york, alaska, barcelona, and a cruise (maybe).  i have a hard time saying no, but i will to most of them  for now because i need to be here for rosie.  i don't want to be an absent mom.  when she graduates in 2 years -  i will travel and teach, gastone will come - it will be fun and something to look forward to when we get empty nest sadness.  

and for opportunity: if you are on facebook - check out my fanpage @ lisa bebi art.  there is a challenge that just started:  create something orange that's 4" x 4".  doesn't have to be a painting.  deadline for jpeg submission is june 14 midnight PST.  
just send the jpeg to my email address   the prize is one of my paintings on june 16th.   good luck.

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Kim Palmer said...

Nothin so good as being popular, in the arty sense! Maybe you could hop that cruise and have it take you to the other places to teach, LOL! Good luck with the technology stuff. I always seem to be wrestling with anything harder than a calculator to operate, LOL!

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