Wednesday, May 5, 2010

self portrait

looks like summer is about here.  the little girl next door is coming over to swim today, that's how i know.
she is a 4 year old sweetie pie.  she is full of wisdom too.  no doubt i will be collecting a number of insights today.  i will share some of her kernals of knowledge here on my blog.
next week is full of workshops.  (see sidebar here)
the bravo school of art workshops are TECHNIQUE filled - if you are a mixed media artist or a wannabe - those workshops are for you.  the techniques include some of my own, like the paintover,  as well as those more universally known.

if you just want to know how to paint - the michaels workshops are for total beginners.  the price of those workshops at michaels is $48.  there is a kit you can purchase for $50 -- use your 40% off coupon - then a couple of other small tubes of paint and you are set to go.  you will have enough in the kit to paint 2 wonderful paintings and even more.   
the michaels workshops are very easy and low key,  don't let fear stop you from enjoying a new skill.

ok, i hope the sun comes out before 2 p.m.  so that i  can enjoy my swim today with little missy.

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