Sunday, May 9, 2010

my children on mother's day.....

this is the sweet card i woke up to this morning from my rosie.  i love the frufru.  she wished me a hardy happy mother's day.
my other daughter, brooke will come over for dinner tonight, but she invited me to the gatorfest today - it was a happening on the beach with lots of zydeco music and dancing and drinking.  just my kinda thing when i am feeling peppy... but i wasn't today so i declined.  she also already gave me a cool necklace with a charm of a painter's palette.  i'm wearing it.

my son sent me sweet sentiments from buffalo, new york.

Dear Mother--- A genuine Happy Mother's Day from your son who loves you and is immeasurably grateful for your continued existence on this earth. XOXOXOX

this made me cry.  so sweet and he remembers he (well, everyone) nearly lost me to a losing battle of acute kidney failure in 2003.  fortunately chemo saved my life.  he also feels this way because  when he was a tender one year old, he lost his dad to a heart attack.  lots of reasons to feel thankful for the simple things in life - like, life itself.
my husband has been busy in the kitchen preparing  italian goodness - his mom's recipe.  smells wonderful.

i hope all of you have a wonderful mother's day whether you are a mom or someone born to one........its a nice day to pause and reflect.  and be thankful.



Yes, indeed.

Happy Mother's Day, Lisa.

Anonymous said...

Happy Mothers Day LAG !


som said...

Happy Mothers Day LAG!!

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