Sunday, May 16, 2010

"Boatload of Techniques" the workshop for workshop instructors...

this is a workbook type of workshop created for anyone who wants to know how to teach half day/day workshops to any age group or any level.  these technique are loved by the most advanced instructors/artists and the beginner too.  and guess what?  the workshops are very cheap to run.

the "boatload of techniques" is not about boats.  sorry.

in this workshop you will learn over 20 teachable techniques that mostly i developed for this purpose.  the techniques are very effective and yet low tech.,  inexpensive and they are a pleasure to teach.
many of you already know about my paintover technique - (included) - but i have developed even easier -to -follow techniques that virtually anyone can teach - and any level or age of student can learn them from you.
look at my workshop schedule on the sidebar for the boatload of techniques classes.  i hope you can join me to one of them.


Earthula said...

I would lovalovalove to take one of those!

I have just received the fodder..and it is past the deadline but I will still put it together ...just because.

Thank you!

Joy Logan said...

These are adorable Lisa specially the pink one!

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