Saturday, April 10, 2010

win this painting......

if that link doesn't work, it's because you hae to login to facebook first (it's free).   i am hosting a challenge on my facebook fanpage. the rules are - email me your mailing address by 4/16/10 midnight PST and i will mail you bebi studio fodder (definition of fodder is on my fanpage) 5/16/10 by midnight jpeg or mail me your entry - it's all free!
5/18/10 midnight, a winner will be announced.
the winner gets this lovely 12" x 9" painting on stretched canvas - it is my kick-off challenge - i opened my fan page earlier this week and have had a tremendous response. i am very grateful.

BTW, you must EMAIL me your address (don't leave it on my facebook wall or anywhere else).

facebook is free to join - sign up then just ask to be my friend (lisa bebi); that's my personal account - once you are my "friend",  then you can retrieve my fanpage (lisa bebi art) and join it as well.   i have extensive art work and workshop instructions on my personal facebook account that you can see -just  look in my albums.


icandy... said...

How cool, Lisa!

John said...

Nifty idea, Lisa. I'll sign up for just a chance to win one of your paintings.

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