Sunday, April 18, 2010

patron saints project...

i was fortunate to be involved in  large collaboration with 12 other great artists.  the patron saint project.  we each chose a saint and made a shrine or house for that saint - then we sent these shrines into a large round robin.

  we each created a saint a month for 13 months placing the saint of the month into whose ever shrine we had t that time.  the shrine rotated in the group in a large circle moving once a month.
this is my st. kevin which was lisa guerin's chosen saint.  i don't remember whose shrine he went in.
i hope this makes sense.
anyway, we were free to interpret that saint by his or her attributes and paint or collage whatever way we saw fit.
i loved the project.  i am proud to have participated in it.  i hope to one day show you everything we did.


Studio Sylvia said...

I like this Lisa. The layers of colour and pattern work well.

Kathy G said...

I love round robins they are so inspiring and always push you in a creative direction. I would love to see all the Saints.

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