Thursday, April 22, 2010

Paris workshop......

sneak peek ....Paris, France workshop december 29, 30 and 31, 2010!!!!

Renee Richetts, Lisa Bebi and Pam Carriker together doing a 3 day workshop in Paris - in the Sacred Heart section of Paris

(where is the Sacred Heart part of Paris: think of artists oil painting on the hillside streets of Paris and just steps from the Moulon Rouge).

Photoed here is our studio in Paris - in addition to this pic, there is another room, an artist studio with a large glass ceiling.
can't wait.  we decided to go after christmas because its cheaper for fares.   Paris is lovely around xmas time, the Effiel tower is breathtaking with holiday lights (get your new years eve tix NOW for the Effiel tower party) and also the huge paris-wide sales start just the following week!

a trip of a lifetime: three days with the three of us is just $450.00.  also we will be available to walk around the town during the rest of the week.
renee and my husband, gastone, are great chefs and will be preparing your meals while taking classes.  They also both speak fluent french and will guide us through the streets of paris, flea markets, art galleries, shopping and eating and drinking.
get your passports ready, your cashmere coats and mittens and a cute little wool hat -you might want to wait to buy those handsome boots in Paris.  as a token reminder of your trip.  so come on -  we have Paris to do!

about the workshops:  all materials and supplies are provided by the instructors - you will not have to lug them to europe.   that, right there, makes it easy to come, my opinion.
email re4nee for details - she will help you with info on getting there and staying longer, etc.
there are small studios that rent for cheap in our area.
because it is school break, i will be bringing my 16 year old daughter - Pam is bringing her son(s).  its a wonderful experience for them too.

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